i am holding you in the dark,
and watching the sunlight across your face.
i didn’t know perfection until i knew you.

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my beautiful beautiful girlfriend.

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2 mins before drinking cheap whiskey out of a cat mug

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it’s not about your boobs ladies. it’s about what’s under your boobs. your lungs, because we are gonna be blazing a lot of kush and you need to keep up.

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this is your entire being in six selfies tbh

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shining like the sun because
i’ve got a love like codeine and honey.
oh baby -
i’m addicted to the constellations of your mind
your face is tattooed to the back of my eyelids
and my future is a map of where you’ll be.
i really fucking love you.

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Oh Trudy you’re with the meanest boy in the hills
I know he’s groovy but he only loves you when he’s on pills
And it’s that heart of yours
It’s not your body that makes you ill
You’re so sick with this disco biscuit love

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Totoro Macarons with Green Tea Cream Cheese Filling! (人´∀`*)

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I exist in two places,
here and where you are.

-Selected Poems (1965-1975) (Margaret Atwood)

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Doublefaced No. 30
Sebastian Bieniek

scared of going home, afraid of what I won’t find. home is something I learnt. I didn’t realise it was fragile.

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