The Jezabels | Hurt Me

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send me an ask, i’d love someone to talk to.

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skills and abilities: looks good in hats

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stay with me // sam smith

oh, won’t you stay with me?
'cause you're all i need
this ain’t love, it’s clear to see
but, darling, stay with me

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ruthless-a-deactivated20140901 asked: Arctic Monkeys, Beach House, and Dirty Projectors.

Arctic Monkeys: What do you dislike about where you live?
There’s a lack of pretty cemeteries, and a lack of cheap boutiques for nice clothes :(
Beach House: If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would it be?
I really, really want to go to Cambodia.
Dirty Projectors: Name something unusual about yourself.
I have a birth mark on my bum!!!

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